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The easiest way to receive a Russian visa is to apply for tourist visa. For this purpose one should have an Original confirmation of the tourist acceptance by a touristic organization from the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators, or, shortly - tourist voucher. Such voucher can be easily issued by most of the Moscow hotels. The scan copy of voucher sent from the hotel by email is usually more then enough for application for tourist visa.

In case if tourist visa is not suitable, you can request a so called humanitarian visa. For this purposes we will provide you with the official invitation issued by Lomonosov Moscow State University or Federal migration service (depending on the country of residence), but please be aware that preparation of this invitation might take up to 45-60 days. If you decide to apply for such kind of visa, please send us the following information through the page Visa application:

  • the copy of your passport
  • filled form with information
  • and specify the place in your country where you apply for visa

Please draw your attention to deadline for such request (May 15, 2020) – due to the time required for procedure to receive this document, we will not be able to guarantee that this special invitation for visa will be issued on time if the request will be sent after the deadline.

The information on how to apply for Russian visa in your country can be found on the webpage of Embassy of the Russian Federation  and Russian visa office. You can also address any travel agency of your choice.

In case of additional questions please feel free to contact us (mail@magn.ru), we will be happy to help you with arrangement of your trip to Moscow.